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1948 Yearbook

1948 Yearbook


1948 Yearbook


Bob Wallace
Bill Walsh
Jim Hartman
Jim McCabe
Dick Senty
Jim Reddick
Earl Riley
Art Michalik
Wrestling was added to the sports calendar at
St. Ambrose this year. Mr. Matt Starcevich, who
serves as Veterans Administrator on the campus,
and a former star wrestler at Cornell, took over
the job of coaching.
The team, composed about equally of former
high school wrestlers and men with no experience,
started out strong, and improved during the season. At the end of the year, the record stood at
2 wins, 2 ties, and five defeats. Bob Wallace,
128 pounder from Mason City, and Earl Riley of
Des Moines and Art Michalik of Chicago, both
heavy-weights, all finished the year undefeated.
Wallace and Michalik went on to win individual
championships in the Iowa Conference Meet held
at St. Ambrose on March 14.
In the Conference Meet, the first in the history
of the conference, St. Ambrose finished in second
place, beating out Penn College in the last event.,
Wartburg College of Waverly won the meet.




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