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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


You've now passed an important milestone in your plans for the future.
Where you go from here will depend in great part upon careful planning, hard work, and a continuing effort to improve.
Planning for the future is part of our business, too. We are continually
improving our facilities and procedures to help assure adequate, dependable gas and electric service.

Gas and Electric Company
Corporate and Municipal Securities
617 Davenport Bank Bldg.
Phone 322-2641
New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange (Assoc.)
Midwest Stock Exchange
ways. The city is served by four railroads and, because of its
central location, is afforded through passenger service and through
freight service.
At present Davenport is served by the Quad-Cities Airport
in Moline, just twenty minutes from downtown Davenport. About
one million passengers use the airlines each year. The Municipal
Airport, two and one-half miles north of Davenport, provides
facilities for private and chartered air service.
Ninety-one churches administer to the spiritual needs of the
city. They are of all denominations and Davenport is a see
city of the Roman Catholic Church.
The educational facilities of the Cities are excellent. In
addition to the public schools several denominations operate
elementary and high schools. St. Ambrose and Marycrest are the
only four year liberal arts colleges. Palmer Junior College and
the American Institute of Commerce provide additional offerings.
Several vocational type schools give training.
The Davenport Public Library owns nearly 150,000 volumes
and has circulation figures of 492,000 — many of these being used
by Ambrosians. The Library loans films, music and language
records, and art reproductions. The Bookmobile extends the
service of the library to outlying areas.
Recreation is varied. The city-wide park system and playgrounds provides picnic areas, golf courses, tennis courts and
baseball diamonds. Swimming pools, flower gardens, a park
greenhouse, and a children's zoo offer variety. The Public Museum and Municipal Art Gallery are outstanding as recreation
and study areas. Youth activities and community functions find
available centers in the Bettendorf Community Center and at
the new YM-YWCA in Davenport. The "Y" is popular for
family group recreation and all local athletes. The river area is
the scene of motorboat regattas, boating, sailing, fishing, and


The Consolidated Graphic Arts Corporation, Canton, OH




St. Ambrose University 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803