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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


You've successfully achieved another goal. You're ready to
begin reaching for future successes. But . . . how do you
measure success? Not with a caliper or a yardstick or a
stopwatch . . . not by the acre or the ounce or the cubic foot.
Success is intangible ... it is the sum of your personal goals and
aspirations, sorted into positions of relative importance.
Whatever you establish as your criteria of success, you will
need to exercise self discipline. Ambition alone is not enough . . .
even coupled with intelligence and talent. Self discipline is
essential to direct your energies and abilities into productive
channels ... to provide you with initiative and perserverance.
Develop this quality . . . you will enjoy a more rewarding life,
a more successful life.
"Ambition is just the desire to succeed. The world is full of
ambitious failures—all desire and no discipline. Self discipline
is perhaps the most important quality an intelligent person can
develop in order to reach his goals."
From an address by
William A. Hewitt, Chairman, Deere & Company.


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