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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


The Faculty-Speaker Exchange Program was designed to invite colleges and universities located within
a day's journey from Saint Ambrose College to exchange
leading faculty persons for special speaking programs
with Saint Ambrose College. The Faculty-Speaker Exchange Program sought to bring as guests to our campus
outstanding teachers, and other professional persons
concerned with the liberal arts and sciences from all
walks of life.
The first speaker in the series was Dr. Edward L.
Mayo. He is the author of three "best seller" books of
poems: Unbound; The Center is Everwhere; and The
Dr. Mayo is a professor of English at Darke University in Des Moines, Iowa. He is a frequent contributor to such literary magazines as Poetry, Partisan Review and The North American Review. Dr. Mayo is
acclaimed throughout Iowa as one of Iowa's leading
poets. He spoke on "The Poet's Point of View."
Former Iowa State Senator C. Edwin Gilmour spoke
on "American Youth and the War on Poverty." Dr. Gilmour is on a leave of absence from his chair as professor
of political science at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa.
He is presently serving as State Director of the Office
of Economic Opportunity in Iowa at Des Moines.
Professor Jack W. Jesee, Ph.D. is a professor of
English and director of the graduate school program in
English at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois.
He is faculty sponsor of The Elements, the literary
periodical of the university. His published reviews may
be found in many of the professional literary journals.
He is former director of the Mobile University Center, Extension Division, University of Alabama. Dr. Jesee
spoke on "Shaw, A Revival in Mutation."
years. Dr. Ping Chen spoke at St. Ambrose on "The
Political Theories of Mao Tse Tung."
Congressman John R. Schmidhauser, Ph.D. again
came to our campus in the interest of the college. On
this visit Congressman Schmidhauser spoke on "Politics
Today For American College Students." Congressman
Schmidhauser, U. S. Representative from the First Congressional District of Iowa, is a former professor of political science at the State University of Iowa at Iowa
City. He is the author of several important books in
the field of American constitutional law and on the
U. S. Supreme Court. An able speaker and scholar, he
applies keen insight and analysis to the current political
scene as it appears to a professor of political science
and a member of the United States Congress.

Dr. Jack W. Jessee

Dr. Ping Chen
Artist and explorer of the Guatemalan and southern
Mexican jungles, Hungarian born Dimitar Krustev is the
proprietor of the Grand Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa
where his hundreds of superb paintings are on permanent
exhibit and where he conducts his private school in painting and drawing. He had made several adventurous
explorations into the jungle regions where white men
have never before been. He is the author of "The
River of the Sacred Monkey." His motion picture production of Mexico and Guatemala have been featured
on Iowa and Nebraska television stations. Mr. Krustev
spoke on "The Mayan Indian Culture."
Dr. Edward L. Mayo
Dr. C. Edwin Gilmour
Dr. Ping Chen, Ph.D. came to our campus from
Wisconsin State University at Platteville, Wisconsin,
where he is an associate professor of political science.
Dr. Chen, born in China of a prominent family of bankers, came to the United States as a youth with his family,
refugees from the Chinese Communists. Dr. Chen
earned his doctorate from the University of Maryland
and is an authority on the political program and propaganda of the Chinese Communists. He is the author
of a book on Mao Tse Tung. Dr. Chen has been an
advisor on certain specialized Chinese affairs to various
U. S. embassies abroad and to executive officials in
Washington. Fluent in many languages and dialects,
he has performed extended missions for the U. S. government in Europe, Asia and Africa within the last four
Dr. John Schmidhauser
Mr. Dimitar Krustev


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