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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


Schedule adjustments for second semester present changes that
must be accurately recorded by Mrs. Countryman, Secretary to
the Registrar. This was done the first week of the semester.
Mrs. Barbara Smith, R.N., is Dr. Robert Foley's campus office
nurse. Regular office hours are kept each school day from
11:00 to 2:00 o'clock. She makes appointments for Dr. Foley.
The College Bookstore stocks a complete line of goods to care
for the needs of the student from textbooks to toothpaste. Mrs.
Joann Linnburg is cashier and bookkeeper.
New Registrants, January
John C. Alessio, Grove City, Pennsylvania
Robert F. Aim, Jr., Arlington Heights, Illinois
Francis F. Broh, Monrovia, Liberia
Lawrence E. Clark, Davenport, Iowa
Frank E. Courtney, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Robert R. Keppy, Davenport, Iowa
Charles B. Le Hew, Davenport, Iowa
Richard W. Liljequist, Davenport, Iowa
John E. Mack, III, Barrington, Illinois
Wesley G. Reinhold, Davenport, Iowa
Severino N. Santorelli, Brooklyn, New York
Eugene R. Schneckloth, Davenport, Iowa
George C. Wahlig, Davenport, Iowa
Ronald M. Baker, San Jose, California
Lawrence C. Bedenbender, Davenport, Iowa
William G. Coward, East Moline, Illinois
Richard T. Donnelly, Peoria, Illinois
Walter L. Dray, Jr., Davenport, Iowa
Lloyd E. East, Moline, Illinois
Robert D. Gunsolley, Rock Island, Illinois
Leopoldo I. Munoz, Los Angeles, California
William J. Murphy, West Branch, Iowa
John P. O'Hara, Davenport, Iowa
Robert G. Robbins, Davenport, Iowa
Gerald J. Verdun, Odell, Illinois
Robert J. Willis, Camanche, Iowa
Michael D. Danielsen, Clinton, Iowa
Robert G. De Jonghe, Moline, Illinois
Jack R. Hingstrum, Rock Island, Illinois
Lonnie J. James, Moline, Illinois
Joseph LeRoy Loucks, Jr., Geneseo, Illinois
Thomas P. Nolan, Davenport, Iowa
James W. O'Meara, Davenport, Iowa
David A. Pottratz, Clinton, Iowa
David E. Sonneville, Moline, Illinois
David B. Valley, Moline, Illinois
Michael J. Gallagher, Davenport, Iowa
Kevin B. Hogan, Mundelein, Illinois
Stephen L. Kimbell, Rock Island
John E. Roenfeldt, Davenport, Iowa
Alan R. Tschudi, De Witt, Iowa
Samuel L. Pesses, Davenport, Iowa
Thomas A. Sallak, Davenport, Iowa


The Consolidated Graphic Arts Corporation, Canton, OH




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