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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


The Ambrosian Family applauded the January 10
announcement by Bishop Hayes and Monsignor Menke
of the proposed construction of a seminary building
on Campus.
The three-story building will provide residence quarters for more than fifty seminary students, the rector,
the spiritual director and six priests of the faculty.
Classrooms and reading areas are planned for the first
floor with recreation and utility rooms in the basement
The completion of the building on the east side of
Christ the King Chapel, at an estimated cost of $650,-
000, is to release present areas of the seminary in Ambrose Hall for use as classrooms and residence quarters.
More than five hundred priest-alumni of St. Ambrose
College serve the laity throughout the United States.
One hundred eighty-five priests of the Davenport diocese
have received all or part of their college training here.
Today the seminary department numbers forty students, who are studying for the dioceses of Davenport,
Iowa, and Joliet and Peoria, Illinois.
World Civilization provides a challenge for freshmen.
Peace Corps Recruits
Mike Lillis, Miss Martha Hamm and Glen Suiter discuss the Corps.
Miss Martha Hamm, Peace Corps graduate, visited
the Campus as a lecturer and recruiter. She showed a
short film on the work of the training of Corpsmen,
handed out literature and answered many questions.
Three Ambrose graduates are presently serving in the
Corps in Pakistan, Panama, and the Philippines.
Shortly after Miss Hamm's visit students were scanning the bulletin boards to determine their exam schedule for the first semester.


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