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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


The Advent Wreath in Christ the King Chapel is a sign of preparing.
The tree in the Student Union shines of Christmas.
of the Colleges. At present departments are discussing
possible extension of existing programs in science, music, drama and accounting.
The press release stated, "Jomt participation in future courses of study will present the student with a
greater selection of courses and will make the best
faculty from both campuses available.
"The central objective of both colleges has and will
continue to be the achievement of exceptional strength
in the academic and humanistic tradition by inter-
institutional co-operation. Without losing our individual
identities, we can strengthen certain departments on
one campus and other departments on the other campus so that the student may select a variety of courses
in his major field."
The nearness of Christmas was evident as the creche
was erected on the quadrangle, the advent wreath in
the Chapel, and the festive tree in the Union. Before
leaving on vacation the annual Christmas parties were
held. Donations were made for gifts for soldiers and
students joined with the other colleges' students in
filling books with signatures for the men in Viet Nam.
Clubs were busy taking baskets of food to needy families in the community.


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