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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


Mr. William Cribbs, local NAACP chairman, presents the charter to Campus chairman, John Crocitta as John Jablkowski and
Rev. Francis W. J. Duncan look on.
Ambrosians concentrate on domestic and foreign affairs in co-curricular activities. In late autumn Mary-
crest's Social Science Club hosted a panel discussion
on problems of India and Pakistan. Feature panelists
were Mr. Harish Batra, an Augustana student, born in
Pakistan but grew to manhood in India; Miss Regina
Arculli, a Marycrest senior, born in India but lives in
Pakistan; Miss Diane Buxton, Marycrest student; and
Mr. Gregory Cusack, graduate student at Iowa U. (SAC
'65). Ambrosians joined into the discussion of Kashmir,
the major problem considered by the panel. The concensus was that oversimplification is a hazard to solving
At the combined St. Ambrose-Marycrest faculty meeting the
professors gathered into department units for discussion.
those "far away" problems.
Sincere concern for civil rights were recognized by the
granting of a chapter charter to Ambrosians by the national headquarters of the National Association for
Advancement of Colored People. The members became
active in voter registration and in a special tutoring
program for children of the junior high school age.
The first combined faculty meeting of St. Ambrose
and Marycrest was held in the Union in the evening of
December 7. Msgr. Menke and Sister M. Helen, C.H.M.,
President of Marycrest released a statement to the press
of tentative plans to increase the cooperative program
Panel: Miss Diane Buxton, Mr. Harish Batra, Miss Regina Arculli, Mr. Gregory Cusack.


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