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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


His Holiness, Pope John XXIII opened the Ecumenical Council
in 1962. The late Pontiff is seen above with His Excellency
Ralph L. Hayes, Bishop of the Diocese of Davenport, during
the first session of the Council. Pope John started the world on
a mission of peace and brotherhood again, with renewed vigor.
Though he was not to see the Council close, his hopes and
prayers were fulfilled in the Council as the world prepares
to complete the work of world peace and understanding.
The fathers of the Vatican Council kneel in prayer along the
nave of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Participating in
the rites were 76 cardinals, 8 patriarchs and about 2,400
archbishops, bishops, abbots and other ecclesiastical dignitaries
from all over the world. On December 8, 1965 the Vatican
Council closed marking the year forever in the annals of history.
Ecumenical Council
Iowa Participates
Pope Paul VI closed the Second Ecumenical Council with a
concelebrated Mass on December 8.
Iowa Bishops: Auxiliary Bishop Grettleman, Bishop Biskup, Bishop
Hayes, Archbishop Byrnes, Bishop Meuller, Aux. Bishop Waters.


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