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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


Argan (Tony Swartz) plays dead to find out the real feelings of his wife Beline (Margaret Larson) who is after his
money in the comedy The Imaginary Invalid as the young scampering servant, Tionette (Sharon DelGuidice) laughs.
"He is guaranteed to beget fine children." shouts M. Diaforius (Tom Mooney)
about his son, Thomas (Bob Flaherty) to poor Angelique (Charlene Rothan).
Headphones buzzed "Lights up!" for the
opening of Theatre Ill's production of Mo-
liere's "The Imaginary Invalid" on October
21, 22, and 23. The comedy revolves around
Argan, a wealthy bourgeois who, because
of his desire for attention, affects severe illness. His obsession makes him a perfect
target for the medical charlatans of the day
and for a grasping second wife who hopes to
see him killed off by the doctor's cures so
that she may inherit his fortune. To save
money, Argan insists that his daughter Angelique marry someone in the profession and
chooses the imbecile son of his doctor. Angelique loves another man, however, and
Toinette, disguising herself as a ninety-year-
old doctor, reveals the true feelings of Ar-
gan's wife and daughter by carrying his obsession to its absurd extreme.
The play is filled with Moliere's parodies
of social types. The cast included M. Bonne-
foy (Martin Weiss), Messr. Diafouris (Tom
Mooney), his imbecile son (Bob Flaherty),
Cleante (James Thomas), Louison (Jean-
Paula Periolat), Beralde (Leonard Cockman),
and Fleurant (Frank Schneeberger).


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