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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


First row: J. Thomas; G. Gast; J. Brady; J. Schaffner; K. Schierbrock; J. Staley; M. Keefe; T. Snyder; R. Wildermuth; R. Schmitz; D. Thomas; J. King. Second row: P. Hamilton; D. Wilson; T. Niemet; T. Newell; R. Thomas; L. Kotula; R. Bustos; R. Flaherty; K. Brune; J. Lyman; L. Bohnenkamp; L. Wall. Third row: J. Stiegel; G. Coughlin; J. Geiss; T. Cahill; J. Baumert; J. Grayson; D. Boland; J. Ihle; C. Salzman; D. McGillicuddy; J. Morey; T. Schafer; T. Mooney
The St. Ambrose Chorus under the direction of Fr.
James E. Greene consists of thirty-seven male members.
They perform as a part of the combined choruses of
Marycrest and St. Ambrose Colleges and as a separate
concert group.
Their concert season opened on December 12 in
Upham Hall on the Marycrest campus. Following this
combined performance, the St. Ambrose Chorus began
rehearsal for their annual concert tour which took them
into Central Illinois in late January and early February.
First row: T. Niemet; J. Brady; J. Schaffner; Sister Elizabeth Anne C.H.M. (director, Marycrest Chorale); J. Beck; P. Matsdorf; S Breen;
P Hodgins- K Machole; J. Neibert; J. Musetta; C. Gravino; S. Del Giudice; M. A. Beckman; M. Elliot; Father James E. Greene (director,
St Ambrose Chorus); M. Keefe; T. Snyder; R. Wildermuth. Second row: D. Wilson; R. Thomas; L. Kotula; K. Schierbrock; J. Staley; N.
Kail- L. Brown; S. Kenny; C. Stepnoski; M. Wacker; R. Koening; M. Strigel; A. Quaka; J. P. Periolet; R. Flaherty; K Brune; R Bustos;
D Thomas. Third row: T. Newell; G. Coughlin; J. Baumert; J. Grayson; D. Boland; D. Galaty; G. Bania; Sister M. Lucy; J. Wells;
L Walz- K March; J. Hood; V. Berglund; L. Voss; E. Dawkins; J. Ihle; R. Schmitz; J. Lyman; L. Bohnenkamp; J. King Fourth
row: G. Gast; J. Thomas; P. Hamilton; J. Striegel; T. Cahill; J. Geiss; C. Rothan; M. Haas; F. Osweiler; A Stickelmaier; M. L. Osweiler;
M. Bates; K. Brennan; R. Kane; M. Hasselbring; C. Hundt; Sister M. Laura; C. Salzman; D. McGillicuddy; J. Morey; T. Scnater; T.
Mooney; L. Wall. Accompanist: M. McGraw; M. J. Lynch.
Auditions were held for the annual spring musical,
Orpheus In Hell, immediately following the trip. With
the cast members selected, the chorus took to the stage
in the Assumption High Auditorium.
Chorus members also participated in the Music Hour
held monthly on the Marycrest campus and in the Variety Show of the annual Mardi Gras festivities.
Participation in the Baccalaureate Mass concluded
the season.


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