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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


First row: J. Hillrich; T. Schafer; A. Whede; D. Thomas; J. Staley. Second row: C. Vorderberg; R. Sutton; J. Brady; B. Jenkens; J. Ihle;
J. A. Minard; E. Voss; J. Reiser; R. Weir. Third row: C. Tully; J. Klutnick; R. Auschstetter; J. Musetta; J. Harney; P. Kuhlenbeck; T.
Maxwell; R. Bustos; R. Flesch; P. Vanzo; M. Gast; D. Swanson. Fourth row: D. Doran; R. Whitebread; J. Watson; K. Schierbrock; P.
Kobelt; W. Fellman; D. Nichols; G. Gast; J. Ludtke; F. Maynard; L. Marchand; M. A. Hasselbring; M. Goetz; J. Brown; D. McGillicuddy.
Mr. Frank Gerzina
Director Of College Band
The St. Ambrose Band opened its campus concert
season under the direction of Mr. Francis Gerzina on
December 8. Mr. Gerzina, a new member of the College's faculty, brought his many years of experience to
the band which resulted in a new style of concert music.
Forty-one members of the Concert Band were molded
into a well-balanced musical unit. This was an accomplishment to be credited to Mr. Gerzina and his many
hours of time both in and out of rehearsal as well as
to the band members since the band was the youngest
ever presented by the College's Department of Music.
Following the initial concert, the band prepared for
tour which was taken with the chorus in late January
and early February. Two other concerts followed in
March and May.
Band members were not only busy with their concert season but gave their musical talents to a variety
of other on and off-campus functions. They participated
in homecoming festivities, provided music for the "pep
section" at basketball games, and played in the pit orchestra of the annual spring musical. Ensemble groups
presented a spring concert and also appeared in the
Fine Arts Program of the two colleges in early spring
held on the Marycrest campus. The monthly Music
Hour found various soloists and groups performing
throughout the year. Religious participation in Sunday
Mass at Christ the King Chapel by the flute section
added much to the music of the new liturgy.
The final appearance of the band was in commencement activities on the St. Ambrose campus on May 29.


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