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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


Dave Salois, John Pomberg, Dave Cleary, Tom Gehlsen, Ed
Legner and Bob Balog prepare the first edition of the "Manning
Crest", the seminary newspaper.
Paul Menke, Jim Yeast, Bernie Legner, Bob King and Tom
Gehlsen discuss Vatican II's decrees on seminary life.
The Rural Life Club sponsored an annual field trip
to the Amana Colonies in the fall. All seminarians are
members of the Catholic Interracial Council and many
actively participate in its programs.
Communications is the basis for community life and
apostolic effectiveness and the daily life of a seminarian is crowded with personal interchange encouraging
the development of genuine Christian friendships. They
eat their meals in a common refectory, share the duties
of communal living, participate in college intramural ath-
letics, study together in their library, watch televisioin
in the lounge and conduct "popcorn and Pepsi" discussions in their rooms. These activities help to build the
fraternal and apostolic spirit vital to the community
of life in the seminary.
This bulletin board prepared by seminarian student teachers
helps to explain the liturgical year.
The children pick up candy tossed by seminarians during the homecoming
parade. The float's crown and cross depict the kingship of Christ.
Bob McAleer and Bob Balog get set as John Pomberg
and Jim Yeast vie for the tip during department intramurals.


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