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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


a program of full-length movies and a tobagganing
party. It sponsored a roster of speakers including Rev.
Kevin Coughlin on Psychology in Religion, Rev.
Clarence Stangohr on the Role of Newman Clubs, and
Mr. Robert Guise on the Role of Lay Theologians. The
Manning Club also initiated a department newspaper to
provide seminary information and personal expression.
John Pomberg, Bob Striegel and Mike Wadle study together in
the seminary library.
Seminarians spend much time in concentrated study.
Manning Club Initiates Seminary Newspaper
Seated: M. Schaab, President - Manning Club; J. Pomberg, President - Rural Life Club. First row: J. Yeast, J. Mougin, J. Parizek, J. Barnes, D. Lewis, P. Foley, B. Legner. Second row: M. Wadle, D. Salois, D. Wolfe, T. Burns, J. Schumacher, T. Piasecki, M. Metz, J. Stouvenal, J. Meyer. Third row: P. Menke, D. Frantz, S. Panther, D. Cleary, L. Schmidt, T. Gehlsen, E. Legner, R. McAleer, S. Ebel, R. Strigel. Fourth Row: J. Mezinskis, R. Balog, R. King, G. McDaniel, M. Lahr, T. Ketelaar, T. Cusack, W. Assell, R. Frye, J. Leu, K. Bresnan


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