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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


Very Rev. E. M. O'Connor
Rector of the Seminary
Rev. C. F. Griffith
Spiritual Director
Steve Ebel proclaims a lesson during a Bible service in Sacred
Heart Chapel.
In view of Vatican Council II and the layman's need
for greater spiritual integration, it is necessary that
the training of future priests be more convergent formation in the spheres of worship, study and practical life.
The minor seminary at St. Ambrose prepares young men
for the priesthood in the dioceses of Davenport, Iowa,
and Joliet and Peoria, Illinois.
Father Ed and Father Grif, who direct the seminarians, offer daily mass in Sacred Heart Chapel in Ambrose
Hall. The seminarians attend evening conferences daily
and end their day in common night devotions. All
seminarians are enlisted in the preparation of community liturgical activities such as sacristans in both
Sacred Heart and Christ the King Chapels. They also act
as lectors, servers, and music directors for mass and
Bible services. The spiritual retreat in the spring provides for a deeper experience in the community of
Since it is in the world and to the world that priests
are sent, the "churchies" at S.A.C. are able to supplement their academic preparation, centered in philosophy, education and Latin, by their various brushes
with the reality of the apostolate in a liberal arts atmosphere. Several seminarians are involved with Confraternity of Christian Doctrine work for elementary
school students at St. Paul and Holy Family parishes.
A recent innovation has given the seniors the opportunity to practice teach at Assumption High School.
All of this is contained in the community of study.
All seminarians are members of the Manning Club
and the Rural Life Club. The former is an organization
for social and intellectual activities. This years activities included a New Man's party, participation in Homecoming festivities, a student-faculty Christmas party,
Tom Ketelaar plays the organ for schola practice. B. Striegel,
T. Piasecki, J. Leu, M. Lahr, E. Legner, G. McDaniel and J.
Stouvenel chant.
Mike Metz, head sacristan, prepares the chalice for Mass.


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