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1966 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook


1966 Yearbook


George Flynn
Lawrence Lefebvre
Gerald McMorrow
On-Campus Representative
George Burnett
Off-Campus Representative
Steven Conte
Seated (1. to r.); L. Lefebvre, G. Flynn, M. McLaughlin. Standing (1. to r.); G. Burnett, S. Conte.
On Sunday, September 16, 1962, a freshman class
arrived at St. Ambrose College. Very few of them knew
each other, or for that matter, few of them knew much
about the college and college life. Everything was
strange to them. To many upper-classmen and faculty,
however, the usual feeling was probably incured, "This
is Ambrose's prospects for the future?" Well, at 8:00
A.M., Wednesday, September 19, 1962, we began. On
May 29, 1966, we ended. Whatever prospects existed
- fulfilled!
We started as a class of 216 fresh "big-shots" from
high school. Those with past academic and athletic
accomplishments considered being a freshman a letdown compared to their senior year, just past. But ah,
there was freedom, especially for those from out-of-
town. The old guiding rules in the form of parents was
left behind and except for those school rules, decisions
and time were each individual's business. For some,
this was another step to maturity; for others, besides the
transfers, it was a blunder. We graduated about 150 of
the original. The real Ambrosians came through.
To us seniors, if we desire to do so, we can look back
over an interesting four years. To every Ambrosian there
were the beanies. This, for all of us, was the beginning.
There have been so many things, however. We have
seen a new President on our campus. Msgr. Collins left
us, and Msgr. Menke has taken over. We all remember
the Cuban Crisis; we even heard President Kennedy's
address piped into the cafeteria. Then on November
22, a rainy, cold day in Davenport, we all shared in
the sorrow as the country faced the assassination. President Johnson had been sworn-in and then elected. More
locally, we saw the reintroduction of the Homecoming
Parade our Sophomore year. Ambrose Towers living
quarters was opened and some moved to live there instead of the usual Davis and East. The library took on
a "new look" with the addition of the Browsing Room.
In our Junior year we were faced with the unusual;
Davenport was flooded. Remember the smell of the
sandbags and the work. Senior year brought the first
Supreme Pontiff on United States soil, Viet Nam, and
Concelebrated Mass. The Registrar's office will not soon
forget our worry of change from "2-S" to "1-A". There
were also the many other events of senior year and
graduation. To mention everything would take much
time and present a bore to some. Let these few suggestions just recall to each reader what of the four years
he holds important and enjoyable to his own personal
life. Let it just be said that we have had many experiences, both individual and communal, in these past
four years.
To look back over the four years is difficult, not
particularly because of the time, but because of the
change which has occurred in our own lives since then.
What has really happened? What have we really gained?
We left high school with many idealistic notions of
college and ourselves. Some of these hopes were fulfilled,
others neglected, and others discarded as childish dreams.


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