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Letter from Carver to King, September 9, 1924

Letter from Carver to King, September 9, 1924


Letter from Carver to King, September 9, 1924


September 9, 1924
Miss Charlotte M. King,
Dept. of Botany, I.S.C.,
Ames, Iowa.
My dear Miss King:
I beg to acknowledge receipt of your interesting favor of recent date. It was a great surprise and a very pleasant one indeed to hear from you.
I wish to thank you most heartily for your very kindly greetings and complimentary remarks. I wish to say, I have endeavored as best I could and am yet doing so to carry out the wishes the great Creator whom I believe has given me this work in trust to do.
While I am writing you this, I am making something entirely new from one of the clays found near here. Now as to your request, I am trying to get the information for you. None of our musical people here seem to know anything about such an instrument. I remember seeing one somewhere in my travels either at the Smithsonian Museum or the National in Washington. They are what some call the Reeds of Pan. As I remember, these what I saw, consisted of an octave of Reeds. The longest being twelve inches, maybe fourteen. The shortest about three inches. They were pinned together. I am writing Prof. Talley and also a musical friend of note and as soon as I can get the information, I will be pleased to convey it to you.
I presume that you know that I had the pleasure of having dear Dr. Pammel down to see me twice and Dr. Ball was also down to see me. So I confess that I feel highly favored.
With sincere good wishes and most pleasant and helpful memories, I am
Very truly yours,
G. W. Carver.
Director of Research and Experiment Station.


Carver, George Washington, 1864?-1943


RS 21/7/2.Carver.V-05-09


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