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086_Herbert Hoover High School


086_Herbert Hoover High School


This is a page from the collection "Bicentennial Reflections: History of Des Moines Public Schools, 1876-1976" by Dr. Robert R. Denny, published by the Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa in 1976.

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84 Plans have been discussed with the State Department of Public Instruction of having an open space driving range constructed on this site. While houses have been acquired and land acquisition has proceeded in this direction, final plans for such a city-wide facility have not been finalized as of the summer of 1975. Curriculum Work in the 1970s One of the exciting new curricular core areas that has been added at new East High School was the communications and media department. This is housed in the north wing of East High and provides a unique educational offering for the students. Other projects at East High in the mid 1970s include the New Horizons program as well as an East High mathematics laboratory. There is also a Title III Career Interest Student Survey project as well as Title III Rent-A-Kid (Career Guidance). East High has maintained a vigorous project carried out with Alliance of Business with IPALCO. There is also a home remodeling class at East High school that provides unique opportunities for students to renovate older homes in the district and have practical learning experiences at the same time. There is also an English laboratory as well as a learning disabilities project. Minimum performances tests are being developed in Math, American History, English and Biology. These tests establish minimal levels of achievements that all students should attain at some time during their senior high years. 1885 - 1891 Frank Plummer 1891 - 1901 Elmer E. White 1901 - 1918 Miss May Goodrell 1918 - 1934 A.J Burton 1934 - 1954 O.G. Pritchard 1954 - 1964 D.Q. "Duke" Williams 1964 - 1970 Gareld Jackson 1970- Earl Bridgewater Herbert Hoover High School (Photograph) Herbert Hoover High School is located on a fifty acre tract of land in northwest Des Moines that was originally donated to the school district by the Meredith family. A junior high school, named after Edwin T. Meredith, was erected on the site in 1962 with future plans including the construction of a senior high school on the same campus. Establishment of a senior high school on this site was the center of controversy for a number of years prior to its construction. The primary concern was whether there should be another high school added to the Des Moines district. In 1962 the voters rejected the school adminstration and the Board of Education's proposal to construct additions to North High and Roosevelt High to house the high school students who lived in the northwest section of the city. Such additions would have been in lieu of building an additional high school in this area. Rejection of this bond issue was considered a mandate to build this additional high school, and the next bond issue in February 1964 included a northwest high school, which ultimately resulted in the construction of Hoover. This did not end the controversy, however, as the next issue involved whether or not the building should be air conditioned. At that time the school district had no air conditioned buildings and there was considerable discussion by the Board of Education and the community as to whether or not this "frill" should be included in this new building and a junior high school to be constructed in the southwest section of the city. Ultimately the decision was made to construct buildings that would include air conditioning, and Hoover High School and Brody Junior High School became the first school buildings in Des Moines to have climate control. Inclusion of this feature has resulted in Hoover High maintaining a large summer school enrollment ever since it was built and also serving as a meeting place for numerous school and community groups throughout the year. Three sessions of adult education classes kre held in this building each year, including a summer session.