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037_Hanawalt School


037_Hanawalt School


This is a page from the collection "Bicentennial Reflections: History of Des Moines Public Schools, 1876-1976" by Dr. Robert R. Denny, published by the Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa in 1976.

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35 Greenwood continues to be a leader in the education of our city[s yound people.The various programs in operation attest to the fact that we are concerned about all students that attend our school. Greenwood participates as both a receiving and sending school in the District's Voluntary Transfer Program. We have community and adult education classes and have incorporated the career education concept into our total school program. The Wisconsin Design Reading Management System assists us in our tatal reading program in the primary grades and we have the service of a Title I Reading and Math Resource person as well as a Learning Disability Resource person. The kindergarten program has incorporated the "strategies for Early Childhood Education" plan and we also have the Kindergarten Language Enrichment Program. Principals of Greenwood School include: 1901 - 1909 Gertrude Burt 1909 - 1912 Nellie Elliott 1912 - 1925 Nellie Warren 1925 - 1944 Frances Umpleby 1944 - 1945 Murray Work 1945 - 1952 Lorene Lightfoot 1952 - 1958 Robert Langerak 1958 - 1972 Lorraine Kimball Reed 1972 - 1973 James Daugherty 1973 - Nicholas Aalbers Hanawalt School 56th and Roberston Drive Grades K-6 Dates of construction - 1913,1919, 1972 Site 4-8 acres There were four teachers assigned to Hanawalt when it opened in 1913. Slow development of the area has made future additions dubious. In the early 1960's the grades of 5 and 6 were sent to the new Merrill Jr. High School. In February, 1965, a one room portable unit costing $10,000 was placed north of the present building to accommodate one class of fourth graders. Dr. George P. Hanawalt a veteran medical manof the last half of the 1800's, practiced medicine and surgery in Des Moines for 45 years. He was Surgeon-General of the National Guard for 25 years. He served as President of the Polk County Medical Sociey in 1877 and of the State Medical Society in 1880. The early 1970's saw planning for the addition of ten classrooms, gym, and media center on the Hanawalt building. This addition was basically one that was planned by the parents and faculty as being one of the open-space concept. With its opening in the fall of 1972 the Frisbie school at 63rd and Muskogee was closed and later demolished. The elementary students from both Hanawalt and Frisbie who formerly attended Merrill junior high were now housed in their own elementary building for the first time in many, many years. Hanawalt is an IGE, multi-unit school. The 1972 addition cost $500,000. The Hanawalt Elementary School has embarked on several new and exciting programs during the early part of 1970's. The new programs involve students at all levels with some specialized programs for certain students. The new addition accomodates Unit A and B (Grades K through 3). Also included in the new addition are special service areas wuch as offices for the Principal, Secretary, Nurse, a Gymnasim-Cafetorium and an Instructional Material Center. These special areas of instruction such as Art, Music and Physical Education serve the entire student body. The Original Building is used to accommodate students in Unit C (Grades 4 through 6). The new addition was planned according to an Open-Space-Concept which lends itself to the newer developments in educational organization-to an organizational plan which makes possible a better approach to the varying needs of pupils. Individually Guided Education and Teacm Teaching are natural partners in accomplishing this goal. The Hanawalt School philosophy has been to develop programs that places emphasis on the individual student-his ability, his rate of learning, his style of learning and his progress. In the fall of 1972 the I.G.E. Program was initiated at Hanawalt. I.G.E. is an approach to instruction - INDIVIDUALLY GUIDED EDUCATION. It has been achieved through an in-service program designed to reorganize and redirect the time, talents, and energy of all concerned with the educational process. Instructional processes represent the heart of I.G.E. These processes provide appropriate learning programs for each student built on a continuous cycle of findings out where each student is and how he got there (assessment), deciding what he needs to learn next (specifying objectives), selecting the best ways for him to attain those objectives (diversified learning opportunities0, and making sure that he has met them (reassessment). The teachers assigned to each Unit, under the directon of the Unit Leader, are responsible for all instruction and supervision of students within that Unit. All planning is done together as a team making it possible to improve instruction through sharing of ideas and through teacher concentration on his or her areas of strength. Principals of Hanawalt include: 1913 - 1916 Elizabeth Robb 1916 - 1918 Ella Baker 1918 - 1919 Lulu Auracher 1920 - 1925 Nellie Warren 1925 - 1953 Frances Umpleby (Should probably be 1925 - 1943) 1943 - 1945 Murray Work 1945 - 1952 Lorene Lightfoot 1952 - 1958 Robert Langerak 1958 - 1966 Lorraine Kimball Reed 1966 - 1968 Howard Hart 1968 - 1971 Harry Elder 1971 - 1975 Melvin Kiner 1975 - Don Shaw