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024_Keyes Letter to Ellsworth


024_Keyes Letter to Ellsworth


This is a letter from Keyes to Ellsworth after the death of W.H. Norton.


Keyes, Charles R.




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Rec'd 10/27/48 Ack. - in Xmas card 12/23/48 (Air) THE STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF IOWA IOWA CITY IOWA IOWA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Charles R. Keyes Mt. Vernon Iowa October 23, 1948 Dear Ellsworth: Since writing the card, I have bethought myself of a couple of papers that may be a partial temporary substitute for the one written by Frywell. The one is a brief memorial of Dr. Norton which I wrote for the Iowa Academy of Sciences, Professor Miner writing the obliged bibliography; the other in - College Bulletin you may have received when printed. It contains memorial by Judge Peisen and a Founders and Builders Day address by Professor Norton. You will enjoy both if you haven't seen them. Frywell sent Mrs. Norton a hundred or more reprints of his paper. The remainder of which, some eight copies, she sent me for delivery to any inquiring alumni at last Commencement time. All eight were disposed of. Mrs. Norton is still living at 95 with a niece in Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Toof. Her address is Mrs. W.H. Norton, 337 Eighteenth Street S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is feeble, but I am sure she would enjoy a note from you. Sincerely yours, Charles R. Keyes Mrs. Keyes and I send regards to any Dodds we knew. C.R.K.