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019_Haugen Letter to Keyes


019_Haugen Letter to Keyes


This letter from U.S. House Representative G.N. Haugen, acknowledges the receipt of a letter from Keyes who asks him to extend protected status to the American bald eagle.


Haugen, G.N.




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House of Representatives U.S. Committee on Agriculture Washington, D.C. June 2, 1930 Mr. Charles R. Keyes, Director of Survey, The State Historical Society of Iowa Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Dear Mr. Keyes: I am in receipt of your letter of recent date in regard to H.R. 7994, a bill extending protection to the American Eagle. Hearings have been held on the bill and the same was called up for consideration two or three times, but owing to the pressure of bills of mire importance it has not yet been released. Undoubtedly, the bald eagle, the emblem of independence, is entitled to a great deal of consideration and were it not for recent reports of his bad conduct, especially in attacking sheep, I am sure all would agree that he should be afforded the protection suggested in the bill. Being mindful of Benjamin Franklin's description of the bird as follows: "For my part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country. He is a bird of bad moral character and does not make his living honestly", frankly speaking, there is doubt in my mind, which seems to be concurred in by and, whether to afford protection to the animals against cruel destruction by the eagle, or to give the bald eagle the right-of-way to carry o his atrocious method of destruction. Under separate cover, I am sending you a copy of the hearings on the bill. Under separate cover, I am sending you a copy of the hearings on the bill.
I am glad to your your letter and assure you that you suggestions will be given due consideration.

Very truly yours,
G.N. Haugen