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020_Trimble Letter to Keyes


020_Trimble Letter to Keyes


This letter was written to Professor Keyes by former student Harry C. Trimble who was congratulating him on the many activities he was involved in. Mr. Trimble wrote this letter after reading about Professor Keyes accomplishments in a recent Cornell College Bulletin.


Trimble, Harry C.




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Harvard University Medical School Department of Biological Chemistry Boston, Massachusetts April 18, 1943 Professor Charles R Keyes Mt Vernon, Iowa Dear Professor Keyes, In a Cornell College Bulletin which came to my attention just recently I noted a photograph with you together with some comments on your recent activities. These have impelled me to send a brief note of felicitation. Well I do recall many instances when I benefited from contact with you as a student. Also I remember my good fortune in having been in the audience at the Harvard Commencement when the doctor's degree was conferred upon you, and afafterwards I found you and through your courtesy was introduced to the first Harvard alumni exercises that I had witnessed. These are vivid and pleasant recollections. In conclusion, I express the hope that this will find you in comfortable health and I am certain that it will find you with a surplus of interesting things to do. Sincerely yours Harry C. Trimble