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49. Petition to Lincoln to promote Brig. Gen. Alvin P. Hovey to rank of major general


49. Petition to Lincoln to promote Brig. Gen. Alvin P. Hovey to rank of major general


Petition from Col. James R. Black and other field officers of the 2nd Division (District of Eastern Arkansas) to Abraham Lincoln recommending appointment of Brigadier General Alvin P. Hovey to the office of Major General of U.S. Volunteers. January 30, 1863. Hovey received promotion to major general only as part of the brevetting process immediately before his retirement, after the Civil War's completion. Copy.




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Helena Arkansas[,] Jan. 30" 1863 To His Execellancy [sic] Hon[.] Abraham Lincoln[,] President of the United States. The undersigned field officiers in the 2[nd] Division District of Eastern Arkansas, now commanded by Brig[.] Genl. Alvin P. Hovey, would respectfully recommend that he be appointed a Major General of Volunteers. Genl[.] Hovey within the past year has been in command of the army at Memphis and at Helena Arkansas and at no time has he been in command of less than a Division, Long and active service in the field during which time he has been performing all the labors of a Maj. General; his untiring energy and unselfish patriotism eminently qualify him for the position we ask for him. Having long been attached to his command we can testify to his conduct as a military man and his ability as a military commander and would feel a just pride in seeing him promoted to a position we think he eminently deserves[.] [Signed by twenty-four brigade and regiment officers, including five from Iowa's 24th and 28th regiments.]