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Iowan till over Kansan gumbotil, soil on top of the gumbotil, Wayne Township, Iowa, July 8, 1924
Crumbling granite boulders, English Township, Iowa, June 30, 1924
Cracked gumbotil and contact with loess above, Iowa, July 25, 1924
Relief in Kansan plain along tributary to Whitebreast Creek, Whitebreast Township, Iowa, June 29, 1924
Kansan gumbotil with Iowan till above, gumbotil line marked by cleared area and field bag, Wayne Township, Iowa, July 08, 1924
Crumbling granite boulder, English Township, Iowa, June 30, 1924
Illinoian gumbotil plain, Fort Madison, Iowa, June 21, 1924
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