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12. Iowa Governor Samuel J. Kirkwood to Lincoln on removal of Gen.  John C. Fremont from his command
13. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis to Lincoln on shortage of Union troops in Missouri
14.  Lincoln to Gen. Samuel R. Curtis on despatch of order for Gen. John C. Fremont
15. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis to Lincoln reporting delivery of order to Gen. John Fremont
16. Leonard Swett to Lincoln on reaction in Missouri to Gen. John Fremont's removal from command
17. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis to Lincoln on Curtis' military conduct and potential for promotion
18. Endorsement of Lincoln for transfer of Thomas Drummond from 5th U.S. Cavalry to Lieut. Col. of Iowa regiment
19. Commission of Brig. Gen. Thomas J. McKean
20. Commission of Brig. Gen. Grenville M. Dodge
21. Lincoln to U.S. Postmaster General Montgomery Blair on postmaster for Tiffin, Ohio
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