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1996 - Violet Locke, Bruce Trautman, Terri Johnson, and Charles Nealey at open house
1996 - Six attendees at the 50th anniversary open house of the Des Moines County Soil and Water Conservation District
1996 - Roger Cling and Bruce Trautman talk at open house
1996 - John Horan, Jack Jacohs, Don Lounsbury, Frank Hedges, Bill Vierling, Arlyn Musselman and Leonard Lane  attend 50th anniversary open house.
1996 - Lyman Howe and Drew Delang at open house
1996 - Chairman Jeff Bergman and Leonard Lane at office open house
1996 - Joyce Stafford, Bill Walker and Frank Hedges talk at open house
1996 - Chairperson Jeff Bergman presents Charles Nealey with the  Owner/Operator & Sweepstakes Awards
1996 - Des Moines County Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner Jeff Bergman and Eugene Schulte at anniversary party
1996 - Assistant Ccmnissioner laura Wagner-Ertz at 50th Anniversary open house
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