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Earl O. Heady at a lectern in Hungary in 1979, with a woman translator on the left.
Benela Heady in his honorary Polish academic robes talking with his department chair, Raymond Beneke, 1979
Earl O Heady in Hungary with officials of Debrecen Agricultural University of Hungary, 1979
Earl O. Heady at Warsaw Agricultural University with Faculty of Agricultural Economics professors, 1979
Earl O Heady and Leo V. Mayer discussing world economic development, 1966
Earl O. Heady in his Polish honorary doctorate academic robes with William Murray, emeritus Professor of Economics, 1979
Earl O. Heady and Raymond Beneke reviewing the award inscription related to Heady's Polish honorary doctorate degree, 1979
Earl O. Heady standing behind a lectern
Indonesian students singing in honor of Earl O. Heady, 1972
Earl O. Heady with collaborators before banquet for the Indonesian Project Contract
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